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Clocking and Securing Business

What is enpax?

Enpax is a family of software products that transform Attendance & Leave management and secure Premises. That explains our tag line – Clocking and Securing Business.

It is a suite of enterprise grade software solutions that bring full potential of automated processes, add value to your People Mobility Management and improve performance of HR and Admin functions.

ENPAX is designed and developed to cater to organisations small or big; product or service industry; operating from single or multiple location.

Enpax can be integrated along with organisation's SAP, Oracle or any other current ERP system.

Each software product of Enpax, is a multi-module solution. Organisations can customise solution that suits their needs by selecting right combination of modules. The Enpax software products and their respective modules are as follows :

Enpax Attend

• Attendance & Leave Management
• ESH ( Employee Self Help)
• Contractor Workforce Management
• Biometric Terminal Management

Enpax Access

• Access Control Management
• Visitor Management
• Vehicle Access Management

Why enpax?

Our clients chose enpax as many of its characteristics matched their expectation. Enpax is..

Affordable : Available under CAPEX or OPEX mode of purchase with flexibility of On-Site installation or On-Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) usage.

Available - Anywhere, Anytime : Server based software is accessible from any PC running a browser within LAN. Cloud deployment makes it available on any internet connected device on the planet.

Simple : Its automated tools work silent on backend and maintain ready-to-view reports dashboard for quick status review. Also, its simple and intuitive operations minimises operator’s learning curve and usage time.

Scalable : Multi-layered and modular structure of software makes it equally effective for a single office small company to a multi-location enterprise employing 50,000+ people.

Reliable : High performance core, optimised algorithm and database operations execute tasks with precision round the clock, 24 X 7.

Modular : Safeguards investment. Customer can start small to cover basic needs and add other modules as and when required.


Key Benefits

Enpax offers benefits for every role of the stake-holder.

Top management

High ROI.
HR team spends time on your Goal, not on routine administration.
Automated and efficient attendance & leave management processes.
Punctual workforce, reduced absenteeism.
Proxy manual manipulated attendance elimination.
Better control over overtime, outdoor payouts.

HRAdmin Managers

Better control with integrated & centralised Attendance keeping for all locations.
Role based datamenu access rights for operators. No fear of overlap while assigning tasks to multiple operators.
Definable attendance policies.
Integrated fully functional leave module.
automated leave apply / approve workflow.
Integration with existing third party Payroll, ERP (SAPOracle) etc.

IT Managers

Deploy on LAN, WAN, private or public Cloud
Server based centralised software enables easy & fast maintenance
IT integration like LDAP, Active Directory, Single SignOn, email, SMS gateway etc.
Automated data backup
Select online or offline process mode

enpax for whom?

Any organisation - from SOHO or SME to large enterprise, operating from single to multiple locations, from commercial offices to industrial factories, from one room premise to large complexes; can avail benefits from enpax.

Large enterprise with multi location offices, factories, warehouse, etc.

Multi branch Company

Large to small office

Large to small factory

SOHO or SME & Micro size Companies

enpax selection grid

Attend ESH Access Contractor Visitors Vehicle
SME companies with one office
SME with office and manufacturing location
Multibranch Offices
Large Offices
Corporate Office Complexes
Manufacturing Factory Complexes

enpax selection grid

Host Server Specifications :

  • Processor : intel i3 equivalent or above (Desktop class) OR
  • Single core Virtual server equivalent or above (Server class)
  • RAM: 4 GB (min)
  • Disk Space (for App and Data): Around 20 GB of free space.

Operating System :

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows 7 – SP1, or later (Desktop class) OR
  • Windows server 2008 R2 – SP2 (Server Class)

System Platform :

  • Farmework : Microsoft Dot Net version 4.5
  • Web server : IIS 7.5


  • MS-SQL 2008 or 2012 or later

Client side Browser

  • Internet Explorer IE 9 or later
  • Firefox Mozilla 14 or later
  • Other tightly integrated applications
  • enpax Access, enpax ESH