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Do business, not HR

Kaambesh HR & Payroll software is simple yet powerful Human Resource Management Software
that helps HR team focus on strategic HR rather than routine administrative HR functions.

It helps manage Employee life cycle, Payroll & statutory compliances, employee self-service portal and
Attendance & Leave management. It gets salaries out in just minutes instead of days.
It eliminates busy work load involved in employee query resolution, leave administration and every other aspect of routine HR tasks.

The employee portal gives employees online access to their payroll and other information.
A fully functional Mobile App offers best services to employees. Thus, Employees feel empowered and engaged since
there is better communication, standardised processes, faster turnaround time, transparency.

Also, It offers seamless integration by integrating attendance biometrics terminals on one side and accounting software on other side.

In short, it simplifies HR work and offers deep insights with minimal effort, resulting in efficient HR team and improved employee satisfaction.

It is a multi-module solution which helps organisation configure and customise solution to its needs, there by reducing costs.

The Modules are as follows :

HR & Payroll Modules

Core HR

  • Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.
  • Provides you with reports for insightful and meaningful HR analytics.
  • Employee Document Management-Store digital or scanned copies of employees' documents, access all issued letters and documents, upload documents in bulk, scan all uploaded documents for security and file all generated letters automatically.
  • Workflow for reviewing, validating and approving data entered by employees. Only verified and approved data is updated to the main employee records database.
  • Store digital or scanned copies of employees' documents, access all issued letters and documents, upload documents in bulk, scan all uploaded documents for security and file all generated letters automatically.
  • Measure your onboarding efforts through reports and have an accurate audit trail of information by new hire and HR.
  • Publish automated greeting cards; customize and send reminders and alerts to new joinees, Employees who are resigning , Employees on their birthdays, anniversaries and confirmations


  • Accurately and automatically computes salary for all employees including statutory deductions (PF/PT/ESI/TDS), loan deductions, arrears, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, IT computation, etc.
  • Offers flexibility to handle any type of salary structure. Define highly customizable salary structure specific to your industry standards, specifications, or requirements and employee category.
  • Payroll management software allows you to disburse salaries through any bank through multiple payment modes, such as cheque and bank transfers
  • Our payroll management system provides you with multiple configuration parameters for various reports such as reconciliation, PT, PF, MIS reports
  • Add unlimited salary components from our repository to create a salary structure that suits your business needs or industry/ statutory norms/ regulations. Some of these salary components are standard while some are highly specific components.
  • Link between your finance and payroll teams, our payroll system allows you to generate Accounts JV easily.

Employee Self Service

  • Access, download and print any official documents and letters published onto the ESS by the HR or Payroll personnel for you.
  • Access, download and print the latest company policies, forms and employee handbook published onto the ESS by the HR or Payroll personnel.
  • Search for and view any employee-related information via the employee directory. The directory shows employee information, such as his/ her designation, reporting manager, email ID, photograph, extension, etc.
  • Submit payroll inputs such as FBP, reimbursement claims, IT declaration and POI.

Mobile App

  • Your employees and managers can apply for and approve/ reject leaves, respectively, with a single tap on their mobile.
  • They can view leave balances (across all leave types) and holiday details from the app itself. Managers can also view their team members’ leave-related information.
  • View, upload and update information pertaining to income tax, tax-saving plans, deductions, etc. Also, view payslips, total earnings statements and PF and YTD statements. All from smart phone devices.

Leave Management

  • Create any number of leave types and define leave policies for each type exclusively: earned leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.
  • Allows you to configure various types of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro rating, leave year end processing etc.
  • You can create different holiday lists for different locations, if your organization is geographically distributed across states or countries.
  • All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and leave balances, automatically updated. Grant leaves for eligible employees automatically on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Attendance Management

  • Handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency. You experience bliss when attendance, leave (vacation) and payroll are seamlessly integrated.
  • Your employees can record attendance within the predefined coordinates set for your office or on-site client locations using Mobile app.
  • Employees are automatically assigned to an attendance scheme based on his/ her category. No need to assign each employee manually to an attendance scheme.
  • You can also select and add Restricted Holidays (optional holidays) and set rules for these holidays according to your leave policy.

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