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enpax Mobile

Mobile Attendance

New Era of Attendance Marking

Enpax Mobile is an App for Employees to mark Attendance from their own Mobile.
It ensures the basics of Attendance Capturing. i.e.

Right Person at Right Place

Right Person is ensured by Biometric Verification.
Right Place is ensured by accepting the Attendance only from predefined Geofence of your Work-Premises (office, factory).
Attendance marking from anywhere outside is disabled by checking required GPS coordinates.

Thus, EnpaxMobile works as an alternate mechanism of Clocking In and Out, to that of Biometric Attendance Devices.
You can capture Real Time live Attendance from a combination of
‘Regular Biometric Attendance Devices’ and ‘enpax Mobile’.
First covers In-Office employees and Second covers Out-of-Office workforce.


  • Available for “Android Phones” and “iOS Apple iPhones”
  • Geofencing enabled Attendance Marking for ‘Remote’ and ‘On-Site’ Employees
  • Geotagging enabled Attendance Marking and Movement Tracking for ‘On-the-Move’, Sales, Support Employees
  • Biometric (Face or finger) verification enabled Attendance Marking
  • Works as Add-on module to enpax Attend – Attendance management Software
  • Sync Attendance data to Enpax Attend, Parallel to Regular Biometric Devices
  • Easy to setup for non-IT savvy employees


  • Very useful where installing regular Attendance Device is not feasible or practical.
  • Utilise most common and available device for Attendance – Employee’s own Smartphone
  • Remove Proxy or Buddy punching
  • Ensure Physical presence of Employee at defined work-place.
  • Save expenses on Attendance Devices hardware.
  • Cover 100% workforce under common Attendance System.
  • Save operational time of HR and IT teams.
  • Highest Personal Hygiene for Employees.

Three easy steps to implement:

  1. Identify a Work-area (Geo Location)from where your Employees will mark attendance on Mobile. Define Geofence zone around it. (Just few steps in enpax Attend Software)
  2. Map GPS coordinates to Geo Location. (It is Menu driven two steps task of tapping on buttons in the App).
    Now this Location is Geofenced and ready to accept attendance from Employee’s Mobile.
  3. Employees can install enpax Mobile App and start marking Attendance on their Mobile.

How does Geofence work?

  • Geofenced Attendance marking isone more source of capturing attendance data, besides other sources. e.g. Biometric Attendance Devices, third party attendance database etc.
  • Each location can be addressed accurately by its Longitude and Latitude, called GPS coordinates. We use them in our daily life (without knowing) while using Maps on our Mobile.
  • A specific area can be defined, called Geofence, by selecting a location point’s GPS coordinates and a radius in meters. e.g. If you select a GPS of your office and define a radius of 30 meters, you create a circular area of 30 meters radius in your office as Geofence.
  • When Employees try to mark their attendance on enpax Mobile App, their actual location GPS coordinates are captured and compared with Geofence coordinates.
  • If Employee is within geofence area - the office, attendance marking is enabled in the App. If he is out of Geofence area, say at his house or on the way to office, attendance marking remains disabled.
  • Employee can mark Attendance only when it is enabled within Geofence by the App.
  • Thus, Geofencing ensures that the employee is physically present in the office while marking attendance.

Enpax Mobile overcomes shortcomings of Attendance Devices
takes Attendance Marking into a new Era

Ever wondered, why Companies invest in and manage Biometric Attendance Devices? Because, it ensures the very base of Attendance Capturing.

Right Person at Right Place

Right Person is ensured by Biometric Verification. Right Place is ensured by installing the Device at the required work-place.

However, Capturing Attendance through Biometric Devices comes with some shortcomings.

  • Cost : Fixed and Recurring costs (Purchase, Commissioning, AMC etc.)
  • Operational : Installing, maintaining etc. are cumbersome and time-consuming tasks.
  • Integration : with IT infrastructure, Third Party Software is a challenge.
  • Rigid : Not flexible enough to match pace with fast changing business environment like Changes in Reporting Place, Computer networks, Office location etc.
  • Unhygienic : All employees touching common Fingerprint sensor, lowers personal hygiene. Specially in Post-Corona world, it is infection prone.

Besides, it offers a huge challenge to HR team in covering 100% workforce under common Attendance System. It fails to cover following.

  • On-the-Move Employees : e.g. Sales and Support team
  • On-Site Employees : Working from your Client’s office or site.
  • Remote Employees : Working from remote locations where installing Attendance Device is not feasible.

Enpax Mobile is One Solution to address all challenges of ‘Attendance Capture on Biometric Devices’.