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enpax Attend

Transform Attendance

Enpax Attend is an intuitive attendance, leave and workforce management software
that helps HR team to spend time on their Goals rather than routine administration.

It helps manage Attendance of Regular and Contract Employees spread across multi-location, from central place.
It offers a complete control over implementing Company Attendance policy
on Late reporting, Work Hours, Over-Time, Out-Door, Leave accounting etc.
It’s backend automated process always maintains ready-to-view reports.
In short, it automates and simplifies complex workforce management.

Enpax Attend can be integrated along with Organisation's current SAP, Oracle or any other ERP HRIS system.
It is a multi-module solution which helps organisation configure and customise solution to its needs, there by reducing costs.
The Modules are as follows :

Enpax Attend Modules

Attendance and Leave Management

  • Centralized attendance and leave management system
  • Manage multibranch/ multi location biometrics devices for attendance.
  • Implements companies attendance and leave policy.
  • Generate attendance and leave register for legal compliances and payroll.
  • Attendance / Leave keeping related Legal compliances made fast and simple.
  • Manage flexi -time, random shift schedule with ease.

Employee Self Help (ESH)

  • Simple Approval Workflow where Employees can apply and managers can approve applications online.
  • Approval workflow available for leave applications and Attendance corrections (forgot to punch, outdoor duty, overtime cases etc.)
  • Employee can check their attendance, leave balance, approval status and much more.
  • Reduce the burden of administration and paperwork.

Biometrics Terminal Management

  • Direct integration with biometrics terminals. No need for terminal OEM software
  • Integrate with terminals such as fingerprint, face, card or keypad readers.
  • Manage and authorise people to punch as per your plan.
  • Centralised operations for multi branches and multi locations.
  • Define permission branchwise / floor wise / department wise / specific door wise.
  • Off- line mode makes access control continue working even if server is unavailable.

Contractor Workforce Management

  • Manage contracted employees and workforce.
  • Monitor and restrict labour entry for security reasons.
  • Streamline gatepass creation for long term employees and short term casual labour.
  • Restric entry to expired or banned gatepasses holders.
  • Helps Audit contractors claims and invoice.
  • Helps monitor legal compliances.

Enpax Attend Features

  • Multi branch location attendance system can be integrated and centralised with HeadOffice.
  • IT integration like LDAP, Active Directory, Single SignOn, email server etc.
  • Backend automated processes always maintain ready-to-view reports.
  • Data import and export facility.
  • Parameterisation for attendance register reports
  • Bulk assignment feature for large employee base for fast operation.
  • Automated data backup
Organisation structure
  • Highly flexible organisation structure is available.
  • Define multi-Company, multi-location, multi-division organisation
Software User Management
  • Unlimited users with password based login
  • Define Roles e.g. OwnerAdmin, HR Head, Dept Head and Employee; to grant restricted access to various menu options.
  • Data access restriction policies e.g. One dept head can see only his dept data but Admin can see all company data
Terminal Interface
  • Compatible with most popular biometrics terminals.
  • Compatible with access control as well as attendance recording devices.
  • Access control features like door zone, time zone, live status check etc. for tight security
  • Online, interval timed or scheduled task queue managementfor 100% reliable data collection from terminals.
  • Automated health checks on terminals.
  • Fault finding and debug feature for quick trouble resolution and maximum uptime.
Filter and Search toolbox
  • A powerful tool available throughout the software on every screen.
  • Filter data by Company, Location, Division, Department or any combination.
  • View data with filters like date range and many data related parameters.
  • Search records based on employee name or code.
  • Auto complete tool (Google type live display of suggestion list) helps users in fast searching.
Attendance Policies
  • Company attendance rules and policies can be defined.
  • Grace periods for late, early marking
  • Deduction of salary leave for habitual late and early employees Half and full day marking rules
  • Out Door duty (OD) management
  • Extra Work Hours can be converted into OverTime or CompOff.
  • Present on WeeklyOff and PublicHoliday can be converted into OverTime or CompOff.
  • Monthly OT (Over Time )limit 
  • Attendance kept on hold for suspended employees.
  • One screen tool for managing shift schedules
  • View and manage allocated shifts, weekly offs, Public Holiday and leaves planner in calendar like screen.
  • Useful in duty rota planning very efficiently.
  • Automatic detection of attended shift – removes data entry of schedules for random shift changes.
View Attendance
  • Highly flexible tool for checking attendance details of employees.
  • View attendance the way you want – One employee for one month or all employees for one day or any combination.
  • View Attendance by sorting on employee code, name, date, shift, check In & Out time, late, early, OT or status.
  • Almost excel spreadsheet like flexibility.
  • Export data in excel format.
  • Correction mechanism available for 'forgot to punch', 'wrong shift', 'OD' and 'OT' cases.
Leave Module
  • Define any number of leaves and their rules.
  • Leave accounting of credits, debits and balance maintenance.
  • Year end process, encashment, carry forwardingcan be done.
  • Automatic calculation and credit of PL(Earned Leave) based on past attendance record.
  • Daily, Monthly and Annual reports of attendance and leave records.
  • Detailed, Summary and combined reports to suit all needs.
  • Reports can be exported in PDF, few in excel format.
  • Shop & Establishment or Factory Act mendated forms like Form 2 (Muster Roll), Form 20 (Attendance Register), reports available in similar format.
  • Month end attendance summary export for third party Payroll or ERP SAP software integration.