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enpax Access

Secure Premises

Enpax Access is a rugged, reliable Integrated Access Control management system that helps
Security team to spend time on monitoring rather than routine administration.

It helps securing premises by permitting entry access to Employees, Visitors and Vehicles.
It secures multi-location premises by helping you decide – Who enters the premise, Where and When?
It protects your premises by opening doors, gates, turnstiles and boom barriers for known people and vehicles.

It is a multi-module solution which helps organisation configure and customise solution to its needs, there by reducing costs.
The Modules are as follows :

Integrated Access Control Modules

Access control management

  • Door access control management software.
  • Manage and authorise people enter and exit.
  • Centralised operations for multi branches and multi locations.
  • Define permission branchwise / floor wise / department wise / specific door wise.
  • Manages complexities of live control rooms, door groups, time zones etc.
  • Integrate with terminals such as fingerprint, face, card or keypad readers.
  • Off- line mode makes access control continue working even if server is unavailable.

Visitor management

  • Invite visitors with prior SMS based appointments.
  • Create their gatepasses in seconds.
  • Security can monitor number of visitors entered, left and still inside the premises.
  • HR/ Admin can monitor most visited employees, most visible visitors, average visit time etc.
  • Send meal request to canteen for select visitors.

Vehicle Access Management

  • Track commercial vehicle like Trucks, Tempos, Containers etc. within premise.
  • Creates Vehicle gatepasses after verifying vehicle registration, PUC expiry, driver license etc.
  • Valid gatepasses are allowed to automatically open gate boom barriers.
  • Monitor and control as per ERP / SAP data compliances, legal compliances, and security /admin compliances.
  • Helps in Syncing PO/GRN/ EDI data with backend ERP / SAP while entering.

Enpax Access Features

  • IT integration like LDAP, Active Directory, Single SignOn, email, SMS gateway etc.
  • Multi location gates doors, access control system can be integrated and centralised with HeadOffice.
  • Backend automated processes always maintain ready-to-view reports.
Organisation structure
  • Highly flexible organisation structure is available.
  • Define multi-Company, multi-location, multi-division organisation
Software User Management
  • Unlimited users with password based login
  • Define Roles e.g. OwnerAdmin, Security Head, Dept Head and Employee; to grant restricted access to various menu options.
  • Data access restriction policies e.g. One dept head can see only his dept data but Admin can see all company data
Terminal Interface
  • Compatible with most popular biometrics access control terminals.
  • Access control features like door zone, time zone, live status check etc. for tight security
    Scheduled task for employee permission data syncing between software and access terminals.
  • Automated health checks on terminals.
    Fault finding and debug feature for quick trouble resolution and maximum uptime.
Filter and Search toolbox
  • A powerful tool available throughout the software on every screen.
  • Filter data by Company, Location, Division, Department or any combination.
  • View data with filters like date range and many data related parameters.